Sammy Livingston


Sammy was born and raised in the heart of American Quail country in the small town of Olney, Texas. With his father and grandfather owning and training gundogs while Sammy was growing up, it is easy to say he came by his love of gundogs honestly. For eight years, Sammy was blessed and honored to train for a wonderful family and private plantation in South Central Florida where he gained priceless knowledge and experience. With almost two decades of gundog training experience, for the first time, his passion and skills are available to the public.

Michael DeLoach


Michael was born and raised in south Georgia, amidst southern plantations, Georgia pines, bird dogs, and Bobwhite quail. While pursuing his Biology degree from Georgia Southern University in his home town of Statesboro, Georgia, he guided for a local quail plantation and worked at a veterinary hospital. After graduation, Michael began working with Sammy Livingston on a private quail plantation in south Florida, gaining invaluable dog training experience. It was there that Michael was introduced to the world of British Labradors and positive reinforcement training, and a new love for the Labrador retriever was born. After moving back to Georgia, Michael continued his friendship with Sammy and joined Livingston Gundogs for a training season in North Dakota. A later position on another private estate in south Florida allowed Michael to work alongside champion Labrador and Cocker trainer, Nick Gregory, of the United Kingdom. These experiences have laid the groundwork for Michael to pursue a full time career in gundog training in his hometown of Statesboro, Georgia.

" With a shared passion for training and hunting, producing quality gundogs has become our livelihood. "